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•   Lorraine Ruiz  3/14
•   Maribel Trevino  3/13
•   Monica Maldonado  3/9
•   Robert Urbach (Urbach)  2/11
•   Rick Olivarez  1/3
•   Rob McCabe  8/26
•   Christian Oberdorf  7/27
•   Todd Goering  8/23
•   Kimberly Woertendyke (Alvarez)  8/21
•   Andrew Gomez  7/13
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When do you want to meet again?

  2019 - 30 Year Reunion
  2014 - 25 Year Reunion


•   Shea Greeson (Clay)  3/21
•   Melissa Scott (Lenahan)  3/23
•   Jorge Fernandez  3/26
•   Karen Stokes (Reasoner)  3/26
•   David Serpa  3/27
•   Lupita Alanis (Gonzalez )  3/29
•   Johnny Rodriguez  3/30
•   San Juana Zamora (Salas)  4/8
•   John Zavala  4/9
•   Teri Mata ((Gaffud))  4/13
•   John Bernal  4/15
•   Liza Perez  4/16
•   Thomas Avila  4/17
•   Matthew Peters  4/18


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 51.4%

A:   187   Joined
B:   177   Not Joined


Welcome to the Sanger Apache Class of '89 website!

We are now up to 177 registered classmates!

  Hope year 40 was  a great one for you but that's old news right?  Here's to turning 41!  Happy birthday to all of us!

 Click here to see Reunion pictures!



 Keep checking in with us here for classmate  updates, Class of '89 announcements, and general information about our class.

Please send us comments about the reunion and post pics when you get a chance. 





20 Year Reunion Committee Members:

 Leticia Silva Valenzuela

Maribel Trevino

Lisa Marquez Pena

Pete Munoz

Jorge Pena 

And of course we have our Facebook classmates who set up our Sanger High 89 Apaches group,  helped spread the word from the beginning and provided us with helpful suggestions and ideas!

Marci Garza Lopes (Hawaii)

Dena East (Nevada)

Special Thanks to:

John Lowell, Israel Morales, Alma Flores, Jamie Vasquez, Aaron Fitzgerald, Brian Merlo, Scott Shepherd, Liz Sereda, Garrett Nishimoto, and Mike Ainger for their contributions leading up to and on our 20 Year Reunion celebration.  Thanks guys!

Thanks to the many of you that helped by spreading the word, convincing a friend to show up, making an effort to attend a meeting, or just offering your help!  We also know many of you wanted to help but just couldn't for one reason or another.  We understand and we really appreciate the effort! Thank you!

See everyone in five years!



We'd like to create a page with old high school and/or 10 year reunion photos.  If you have any and would like to pass them along just email us and attach.  We'll post them once the collection gets large enough.  Thanks!